Planning a Family Party? Here Are 4 Tips to Guarantee Success!

Published 12/06/2022

Party planning has evolved tremendously over the last few decades. Gone are the days when you could trust your amateur-DJ neighbor to handle the music or expect a spontaneous round of Pictionary to emerge. Party planning today has become more sophisticated, but your options have also greatly expanded!

If you hire a quality entertainment company, you’ll have access to what’s trending in private parties in a one-stop shop. Most full-time companies offer a variety of fun activities such as DJs, Karaoke, Trivia, Music Bingo, Photo Booths, Strolling Magicians, Live Musicians, Bounce Houses, and Lawn Games. You can usually book your entire entertainment agenda online. On the date of your party, they’ll swoop in, set up, show your guests an outrageously good time, load out, and boom – YOU’RE the hero!

Here are 4 ways to optimize your professional entertainment options. 

1. Book early!

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The lead time needed to book a quality DJ or game host has been gradually lengthening over the past several years. Bridal couples are advised to book their entertainment 8-18 months out, so it stands to reason that the same entertainers are in demand for corporate events and private parties. Don’t procrastinate. Choose your party date, and book your entertainer(s) ASAP.

2. Create a Do and Do Not playlist for your DJ at least two weeks in advance.

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If you think it’s not a party without dancing to Bruno Mars, or if only a G-rated playlist will do, tell your DJ at least two weeks in advance. You don’t have to come up with the playlist yourself (unless you want to) but DO tell your DJ about any Dos and Don’ts that really matter to you.

3. Add games and activities that will make your party POP!

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  • Do you or your guests love to sing? Karaoke is always a hit with the ham-it-up crowds.
  • Got brainiacs on your guest list? Trivia will keep them happily engaged all night long.
  • For a super fun no-brainer game – try Music Bingo. No knowledge of music is necessary but a good time is guaranteed.
  • Photo booths are all the rage – and there are many booth styles to choose from, including traditional “sit-in” booths, mirror, social, roaming, virtual, and (for those with a bigger budget) the 360 video spinner booths. Check out our blog post here for more details or ask your entertainment company for more info.
  • Will your event be spread out over a large area? Opt for strolling magicians or strolling trivia. The performers will see to it that everyone gets in on the fun.
  • Kids love to stay active. Adding a Bounce House to your event will keep them safe and occupied while you can look on from a sweet little lounge chair in the shade, holding your libation of choice.
  • The popularity of Giant Lawn Games has exploded. You even see them at upscale weddings. It’s a great addition to any party because guests of all ages can enjoy them!

4. Personalize it for your Guest of Honor (GoH). Here are a few ideas:

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  • Collect some trivia about your GoH and ask your trivia host to incorporate it into the game.
  • Reach out to some of your more outgoing guests and ask them if they have a poignant or funny 2 or 3-minute story about your GoH that they would be willing to share with the crowd. Ask your DJ to carve out some “Story Time” during the party. They will walk to where each storyteller is seated and hand them the mic. Hint: this activity is best when storytelling is scattered throughout the event.
  • Is your GoH crazy about a particular decade? Throw a themed party and ask your guests to wear costumes from the era. Encourage your DJ to go heavy on music that was popular then or ask your trivia host to include questions about the pop culture, music, TV, and history from that time.
  • Music Bingo games are usually already themed (i.e. Motown, Boy Bands, Disco, etc.). Ask your host to choose themes that best match the music preferences of your GoH.
  • Most photo booths come with graphics capabilities, uploading capabilities, and/or an online viewing gallery. Choose a great name and design for your photos that celebrate the personality of your GoH.

With a little pre-planning effort, your family party can create memories for a lifetime!

For more party planning options, visit WRIK Entertainment Services.