The 360 Spinner Booth Craze Is On!

Published 06/21/2022

Event Booth experiences have taken the world by storm, and the latest video booth trend is the hottest thing going. If you’re searching for something to boost the fun and excitement at your upcoming event, look no further than the 360 Spinner Booth!

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An undeniable crowd-pleaser, the 360 Spinner Booth produces fun VIDEO recordings that will delight your guests and have them coming back for more. As participants (up to 3-4 people at a time) stand on the booth’s LED platform, they are encouraged to move as creatively as they wish while the Go Pro video camera spins 360 degrees around them, capturing 120 image frames per second. The result is an impressive, often hilarious slow-motion video that they can text or email to themselves instantly, as well as share with their family, friends, and co-workers.

360 spinner booth ri, 360 video booth rhode island

Additional options for the 360 Spinner Booth include digital graphics, physical props, and a backdrop. After the event, everyone can enjoy all the videos by viewing the online gallery.

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about it…

“I can’t believe how much fun the Spinner Booth was – my guests couldn’t get enough of it. And now we have all those funny videos that will last forever.” -- Sarah H. (Brockton, MA)

“I knew the Spinner Booth would be popular, but it turned out to be the biggest hit of event. People are still talking about it.” -- Dave L. (Providence, RI)

“Something about that Spinner Booth brought out sides of my employees I’d never seen before. I had no idea how interesting, creative, and talented they can be when they’re having fun. I’m going to find ways to bring more of that energy into the office.” – Stephen C. (Warwick, RI)

As warmer weather approaches, our 360 Spinner Booth is booking up fast. Don’t delay - contact WRIK Entertainment for more information and pricing and book your 360 Spinner Booth today!

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