Traditional Photo Booths: You Can't Go Wrong with this Classic

Published 07/19/2022

The earliest automated photograph machine (known today as the photo booth) appeared in the late 1880s, and for over a hundred years, these whimsical kiosks could be found in arcades, traveling carnivals, and full-service rest stops across the country.

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Photo booths have enjoyed a tremendous boost in popularity since the early 2000s. And while numerous versions of the original booth have emerged over the years, the traditional, carnivalesque, sit-in booth remains a top choice among party and event planners. Whether low budget or high end, private parties, corporate events, and weddings continue to feature traditional photo booths. People just can't seem to get enough of them!

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A standard traditional photo booth comes with an assortment of fun and goofy props. Curtains provide the private session, but they are also removeable to accommodate larger groups. The 3 or 4-pose photo strip prints in seconds, and the online photo gallery will become available to view after the event.

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