Virtual Photo Booths

Published 09/20/2022

Virtual photo booths allow your guests to take selfies with their own phones. After texting them to a phone number, they’ll receive their photo (complete with your branding or party graphics) directly back into their phone, which they can then share instantly. All photos become part of the online gallery.

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Virtual photos booths are the most economical choice of all event booth experiences. They come with printed directions, are very easy to use, and require no floor space. Because everything takes places in the cloud, they can be programmed for any length of time, and are therefore great for multi-day events.

The Virtual Photo Booth also offers a feature that no other booth style can. That is that every one of your guests can become part of the festivities whether they attend the event or not! In this post-pandemic era, when so many people still need to remain socially distant – the virtual photo booth is the perfect work-around. Even Grandma can say "hello" from home!

virtual photo booth ri, virtual photo booth rhode island

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