Our wireless LED lighting sets the tone of the event. Lighting effects can be so subtle that guests may not even realize that it has affected their mood. Or, be really dramatic so that all the guests can think about is wow! Lighting is a simple and modern way to bring color to any table, room, or building.

Wireless Uplighting is an illumination of the walls and will completely change a room with a subtle glow of color that projects up from the floor. If you love the room but the color of the walls is not quite right, then uplighting can easily change them to almost any color. Don’t think you need uplighting, think again. Uplighting will enhance the ambiance of any room. Uplighting is an easy and cost-effective way to decorate.

Wireless Table Lighting is a delicate effect that will wow your guests. You can choose to put a light on each table or incorporate light into your centerpieces. Or with under-table lighting, your table will really stand out. Either way, your guests will love the way the tables look.

Dance Floor Lighting will enhance the dance floor in a way that will help entice your guests to get out onto the dance floor. You can choose between a subtle light show or give your dance floor a nightclub feel.

Custom Monogram is an easy way to personalize your reception. We will literally put your name in lights!

Choose any or all of our lighting options. You won’t be disappointed, only wowed! Our lighting has an unlimited choice of colors. Our lighting options are customizable including specially made logos or monograms.

Custom Uplighting to create moodCustom Monogram Event Lighting

Custom Uplighting to create mood

Custom Monogram Event Lighting


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Confetti Cannon



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